Hiya! This will be my blog during the 30 Days of Biking challenge.

I’m a student at University of Idaho, and I commute about 2 miles a day to campus. I started biking last spring and only use my car for long distance driving. I have three bikes: a univega 21 spd mountain bike that used to be my sister’s, a pretty walmart schwinn I bought before I knew anything about bikes, and I just yesterday acquired an Austro Daimler Puch mixte, my first real roadbike! This 30 Days will be me getting to know this bike, and my voyage into the world of roadcycling! 🙂

My short-term goal is to discover roadbiking, and by the end of the month I want to be able to bike to Pullman (a city just over the Washington-Idaho border) and back. It’s about a 20 mile round trip, which is lots farther than I usually bike in a day, so it feels like a reasonably attainable yet challenging goal.