April 6

Okay, so maybe it’s actually not that impressive a speed to beat, but I am really pleased to find I can break 25 mph on Newbike. NOT EVEN on a hill. (There might have been a slight incline, but the road was pretty much flat as far as I could tell.)


April 7

…I have accidentally already achieved my 30DOB goal :(.

I spent all last night *not* looking out my window absolutely positive that it was snowing, not wanting to see it. This morning I was so surprised that not only had it not snowed, but it was beautiful outside. In celebration of this surprising good fortune, decided to head towards Pullman and see how far I got.

Wearing pants other than jeans really made a difference in my comfort level, and with the wind at my back I averaged about 18 mph the entire way. I can’t get over how nice Newbike feels. And the trail…I really like the trail’s route. I love the rolling hills, and how some of them are already green. The creek is still mud-colored but is flowing pretty fast, and at some parts the water was burbling so loudly that I could hear it even over my music (Starfucker Radio on Pandora, if anyone is interested). Disappointingly I didn’t find any bunnies to chase like I did last time on the trail, but maybe they’re all busy laying eggs or something.

I was really surprised when I ended up in Pullman. It always seems so far away in a car! I’m trying to think of why it feels like a shorter journey by bike even though I’m travelling at a much slower rate and the trip is necessarily longer. I think it’s because in a car I tend to just zone out and focus on the driving with a bit of music in the background, but when biking I can smell the wind, enjoy the feeling of powering myself forward, see the scenery in close(r) detail, say hi to cyclists and joggers, stop and stare at pheasants if I want to, count clouds, etc. I guess it’s either a more distracted journey or just an overall more enjoyable journey, with either reason having the effect of “shortening” the time.

Since I was still feeling reasonably energetic I decided to explore Pullman a bit, but today was probably not the best day to do it: there were soccer games, trail/roadside cleaups, and some sort of trail-wide Easter egg hunt for the kiddies taking place, so the trail was really crowded. Also, babbies don’t really know what “on your left” means, so there were lots of toddling little road hazards that didn’t really make for an enjoyable ride, and I ended up walking a fair portion of the way. I did get to see some kayakers on the creek (seriously, Pullman? I want to do that now.), and those kids were cute, but exploring Pullman will have to be left for another day.

The way back, in contrast, was rough. The wind felt awesome en route to Pullman but ended up really slowing me down on the way back to Moscow (ave. spd. 13 mph). The plus is that I think I figured out what the drop bars are on my handlebars, if I can call them that. Newbike’s handlebars are swept back and I’ve been wondering since I got it why the previous owner had taped all the way along the bend of the swoop, but I think that that’s the kind of drop bar portion of the handlebars on this bike. At least, I used them that way, and I think it really helped; my torso was no longer so much of a sail in the wind, and it felt easier to power the pedals. Me: 1 Wind: 0.

Apparently I looked like a serious enough cyclist where a nice man with some really nice gear asked me for directions to the Latah trail, and I’m glad I discovered that trail myself this week so that I was able to answer him.

In other news, I think I have decided on a name for Newbike: The Minx. “The Minx Mixte” rolls nicely off the tongue, and minx are cute, blonde, and fast, like Newbike :D. Also minx remind me of old mink coats and whatnot, and since Newbike is also vintage I feel like they are similar in that way. Classy old film stars were always wearing mink coats, and Newbike is one classy vintage vehicle. I’m still not set on the name Minx, though it is getting stuck in my head. If anyone has suggestions, please offer them!