April 8:

So…I have a confession to make. I failed the 30DOB thing; I didn’t bike on Sunday :(. I meant to, of course, and I missed not biking, but the fact is I just didn’t bike. Sighishness. To make up for it…I spent a lot of time daydreaming about biking? Is that sufficient? I was in Coeur d Alene on Sunday, and while I’ve walked along a fair portion of the Centennial Trail before I’ve never biked it, and I’d like to do that someday. I’ve been wanting to bike the Hiawatha Trail for forever too. I’m taking volunteer bike buddies! 

As an addendum to my ride to Pullman, however, I would like to say that I discovered a slight sunburn on my nose. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. SUMMER IS APPROACHING.

(Spring is being so snowy and disappointing I’m just skipping to looking forward to summer. I’ve tried every year of my life not to burn my nose and failed in sometimes spectacular ways, so I prefer to just think positively about it now.)

April 9:

Today, however, consisted of not one but two (!) adventures, in an attempt to make up for not biking Sunday. Firstly I biked on Newbike in a dress, and secondly that I made it farther along the Latah Trail than I had before!

The Dress: It was also so beautiful outside today…a Spring-y, floral dress felt in order. A mixte is similar to a step-thru frame (http://tinyurl.com/7je7gah), in that you don’t have to swing your leg over the seat if you don’t want to. I wore some tights/capris under my dress too, in case my skirt did fly up. In any case though I’ve discovered that the nice thing about a sportier kind of geometry is that you’re leaning forward on the bike more and instead of your hem being parallel to the ground and easy for the wind to get under it’s at more of an angle as you lean forward, so the wind presses it against you (keeping it down) rather than grabbing it and flipping it.  Also, skirts are pretty darn comfy to bike in, since they’re tight nowhere and/or not a thick fabric, unlike jeans. 

The Trail:

It was beautiful again today; bright but not sunny due to what I guess would be a very translucent cloud cover, with very little wind. I [changed out of my dress and] set out about 5:00 from my house, went through campus, got on the trail, and headed towards Troy. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly hoping I’d unintentionally blast a second 30DOB goal out of the water in one fell swoop, but Troy is about twice as far as Pullman, and the trail a mite hillier. Also I’d missed breakfast and then had a 1,000 calorie lunch, so I was not the speediest whale on the trail this evening. 

The highlights of this trip read something like “Old McDonald Had a Farm”. The cute animal count stands as follows:

8 cows, 1 calf (omg COW NOSES)

2 donkeys (someday I want to get a donkey and name it Jack. Laugh if you get it.)

10 chickens (approximate)

1 bunny (holy moly those guys are fast)

1 beat up yet affectionate barn cat (trail cat? When I was petting him a mom walked by with her kid and was all “DON’T TOUCH THE CAT MARY it could have DISEASES” and I was all, well, I guess I’m screwed then, but it was really cute and it’s my personal policy to pet every cat I see, so whatever. It did have flea/tick medication on it, so someone somewhere was making an effort to not infect the children of the Troy-Moscow area with incurable feline-borne diseases at least.)

2 of the biggest horses I’ve ever seen in my life

5 really attractive birds with bright orange spots on their wings, which made lovely sounds as they chased each other through a stand of cattails. I tried to take some pictures, but I couldn’t really get close…does anyone know what they could be? (photos below)

I also encountered a guy with an Ironman-esque bike who was breaking the speed limit at least twice as much as I was last time I was on the trail, but he did find time in the 0.00000572 seconds it took him to pass by to smile and say hi, so I guess I’ve been acknowledged by a SUPER serious biker now. My street cred is skyrocketing. My bike computer seems to think the same thing because it tells me that my max speed is now 40 mph, buuuuuut……….I think it’s either trying to flatter me or going crazy. I’m pretty sure I would know if I went that fast.

I’m relaxing after the ride now on the porch with Newbike with my cat, a rat, a bottle of Hornsby’s cider, and the sound of some frogs  croaking enthusiastically somewhere out in the fields. First time I’ve heard frogs this year. I’m looking forward to exploring Spring/Summer Moscow with Newbike. 


As far as I got today.