April 10:

Another fairly vanilla biking day, though I did ride the Minx at night for the first time! Things were okay until I got to my neighborhood, where the combination of wanna-be road and no streetlamps made things hazardous. I have a headlamp for my Univega, but I definitely need to transfer it over to the Minx. In addition, it was on this trip that it really hit me just how hard bikes are to see in the dark, even for fellow bicyclists. At least when you’re driving a car your headlights have a chance to hit a bike’s reflectors (not that that’s usually good enough but, still, there’s a chance) but when you’re riding a bike without a headlamp fellow cyclists are especially invisible.

April 11:

After a fairly unpleasant morning, I felt more like taking a bike ride than attending my middle two classes. Though I thought there were thunderstorms predicted the weather was excellent for most of the day, sunny with just a bit of wind. Since I did have one class I didn’t want to miss (lab) I decided to take things pretty slow though, not go far, and just enjoy the scenery of the Chipman Trail.

I stopped to read some of those educational signs on the trail and found out two things: those pretty-sounding birds from my last post are called red-winged blackbirds (bird names are so creative), and that there’s a small, open-to-the-public wetland near the Moscow trailhead, though at the moment it’s too flooded for me and the Minx to explore (though we did try).

Wildlife count: 2 water skippers and a GIANT black bird (a crow?) carrying a beakful of something fuzzy and peach colored, and immediately after spotting him a crowd of black and white birds rose up from the grass to loudly fight over whatever the big bird hadn’t been able to carry away. Either fortunately or unfortunately, I couldn’t see what they were so excitedly munching on, since the dry grass was too tall.  

This week has gone by in a rush of project deadlines and tests; my last long ride wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like it’s been forever. Maybe the Minx and I can pack provisions and try to make it to Troy on Sunday. (Or, as far as we can get before the food runs out! :D)