Thoughts on biking in the rain:

Mother of God, puddles are fun. It’s like being a little kid again and jumping in puddles…except, now you’re on a fast machine. Bike tires part puddles like Moses.

Even if they are dorky, rainproof pants with an elastic waistband and “screaming yellow” from the knees down are totally worth it.

Rainy days mean I get to play the fun game of “Spare The Slugs” – in which one must, as gracefully as possible, avoid all small wet crawly creatures that are trying to cross the bike path. (The summer edition of this game is called “Not The Caterpillars!!”)

And lastly, a conversation that took place with a coworker:

Coworker: “Yeah, I’d bike here if I could, but I live waaaaay too far away.”

Me: “Oh? Where do you live?”

Coworker: “Bethel-Danebo.”

Me: “That’s where I live!” <enthusiastic grin>

Coworker: o_o  

Me: “It only took 50 minutes!”

Coworker: o_o

Me: “…I will go cut some tomatoes now…”