I write this from the wings of Cottage Theatre – a place where I’ve spent the majority of my free time for over a month. Right now is the wedding scene. After this is the intermission. After that is Act Two, and when that is over I don’t have to be back here until Thursday. In that time between now and then, I plan to bike.


I feel a little silly for buying a new bike (and a really good bike, besides) and then only riding it twice in the last four weeks. I have still been commuting and running errands on my mixte as usual. But when I get off work at 5, meet my carpools at 6:30, and then get home at midnight, five days a week… it does not leave much time for the long rides I’m craving. Needing.

Tomorrow is the first weekday since March that I won’t have to be anywhere after work. I’m going to ride home, put on my silly spandex, grab a map, and head out on my new bike as far as I can before the sun sets. It won’t be a fast ride, given the lingering tail end of a sinus infection. But it’ll be a good ride.