As I sat down to write a post about the first ride on my new Austro-Daimler, I remembered that I hadn’t written about my first brevet either. It’s funny how bicycling can have so many firsts.

There’s a first ride when I get a new bike. And then there is the first time I ride that bike to my favorite places. Or the first ride with a new component, like a saddle that fits or brakes that aren’t finicky. Or the first long ride. The first rain ride, the first picnic ride, the first hill ride…

Even after I’ve had a bicycle for a while and true firsts are fewer and farther between, it settles into a different kind of firsts. The first ride after a breakup. The first ride with a new soulmate. The first ride after a friend dies.

The firsts are endless. Like the bicycle itself, they just keep going.