Thoughts when I have been up since 12:23, and it is currently 2:55: Bikes.

  • I could be riding right now, but a lady just survived an attempted mugging on the bike path behind my house last week so maybe I should at least wait until 5am.
  • My fleet is more or less a bicycle representation of WWII… Current members being:

    America – Soma Buena Vista

    Germany* – Austro-Daimler-Steyr-Puch (say that five times fast) Michelle

    Japan – mystery make and model

    France – Motobécane Mirage

    *The accurate reporter in me would like to note for the record that the Puch bicycle is ACTUALLY made in Austria, not Germany.

    To fill out the roster, I think I need an Italian bike? And a British one?? At that point… Probably also a new boyfriend? 😥

  • Which bike do I currently hate the most to try taking apart and putting back together again to better my mechanical knowledge? I look over at the corral and they huddle together, trembling in fear.
  • It’s hard to balance a desire to progress to a 300km brevet with a violent passion for burritos.
  • Some people buy clothes, I buy 25 lbs of happiness potential. And then I drop the bag of cat food off at home and go for a bike ride.